Welcome to Karinthia!


      Karinthia was once a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. Trade and Diplomatic relationships with the neighboring Elf and Dwarf Kingdoms held strong due to King Cypress Drakeson's long reign. At the respectable age of 98, the King died peacefully in his sleep. With his death, Karinthia would never be the same.

      The kingdom was inherited by Cypress' twin sons, Raygen and Tiberius. In the King's will, he had split the duties of ruling between the two. For every one thing they agreed on, there were 15 things they argued about. Their arguments became increasingly louder and violent.

      Having had enough of the violence and arguments, their councilors drew a line across the country, following the Karinthe River. Tiberius and Raygen accepted these terms, seperating into East Karinthia and West Karinthia.

     Things were going well between the two kingdoms, each changing laws, customs and culture to reflect their new King. In a move of sheer greed, Raygen broke that peace. During a diplomatic dinner, Raygen attacked his brother in an attempt to gain control of both lands. Tiberius had been injured, but survived and escaped. War. Civil War. Brothers against brothers. Friends against friends. The worst kind of War.

    East and West's Military forces are locked in a stalemate along the river separating the two lands. This has left Karinthia's foreign borders vulnerable. King Tiberius has contracted Adventure Guilds and Mercenary Groups to work along his borders to protect Karinthian Citizens (Farmers, Fishers, Trappers, Loggers, Miners, etc).